In order to assure a good safety pattern of work that reduces risks of labor accidents, fire explosion, disease spread by lack of hygiene, and pollution, PELLAJ VENTURES has instituted a safety policy. The aim of this manual is to alert all those operating on the job site to improve workers’ health, safety, and environmental conditions. The manual also defines the responsibilities of HSES officers and the obligations of workers. It is however approved by the Management of PELLAJ VENTURES and it is according to National and International Standards. Every staff must read, understand and adhere to PELLAJ VENTURES policies regarding HSES. The employee must plan and perform his day’s work in accordance with these policies. An activity has to be suspended when the employee believes that it cannot be carried out in accordance with the policy and must report such activity to his immediate supervisor or sectional head.

HSES Objectives

  • To uphold the pursuance of HSES safety awareness by all PELLAJ VENTURES staff. A bold step has been taken to sustain HSES meetings and safety training of all levels of workers and interchange of safety ideas and experiences that will uplift HSES awareness.
  • To conduct our activities in such a manner that will reduce accidents and situations, which have the potential to cause injury to personnel and /or damage to equipment and materials.
  • To suspend all activities identified as unhealthy, unsafe, or environmentally destructive until acceptable solutions are found.
  • To ensure the medical fitness of our staff for the task they are undertaking; strict adherence to the company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy will be enforced. No staff will be allowed to work without a prior certificate of medical fitness.
  • To make health, safety, and environment an integral part of PELLAJ VENTURES business.
  • To put in place, adequate security, for the life and properties of our personnel and properties