Quality equipment
The company “Pellaj Ventures Limited” designs and produces plants for the preparation and processing of natural and associated gas.

Modular equipment can be installed directly in oil and gas production sites and allows for solving problems arising from the operation of oil and gas fields:
Utilization of Associated Petroleum Gas (APG)
Compression of low-pressure gas
Deep processing of gas (Modular gas processing plants).

Modular technologies for processing associated petroleum and natural gas at the outlet allow obtaining products with high added value (methane, ethane, propane, butane, other hydrocarbons), widely in demand in various sectors of the economy

Key Benefits
Modular plants ensure the processing of gases directly in the mining areas, allowing for the optimization of transport and associated costs. Due to the actual energy and heat supply, the units are suitable for autonomous operation in remote areas from the infrastructure.

Modular gas processing plants make it possible to comply with environmental requirements, stop non-combustion of associated gases, and make the process of recycling and utilization more efficient.

The use of high-tech equipment allows to achieve the additional financial effects by reducing the cost of services and generating revenues from the sale of valuable chemical products extracted in the gas processing process