Maintenance overhaul of heavy-duty machines including construction, welding and fabrication that covers the following:

  • Production and Export facility Construction: Onshore and Offshore.
  • Tank, Rehabilitation: Vertical, Spherical,
    Pressure and Cryogenic tanks.
  • Plant Works and Manifolds including Flow
    station: Construction and Upgrade
  • Barges and Houseboat construction
  • Including the installation and maintenance
    of turbines and pumps


  • Cabling work/Electrification of Buildings
  • Flow Station Upgrade
  • Installation of Electro-pneumatic transducers, Oil line pressure control system, pressure valves, gauges, meters, temperature control systems.
  • Building and Installation of Electric Turbines
  • Assembling and Installation of Solar Power Facilities


  • Civil, structural and earthwork construction
  • Building houses and Industrial structures
  • Construction of Road and bridges
  • Public Building